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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 3, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 5 early edition. 5:30 is the time. we areefollowing huuricane earl.
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it's makknn its way up the east coast toward the maryland shoreline and we're following theestorm and bringing you minute by minute team coverage. megan giililand is live in ocean city where the stormmis expected ú% have the greatest impact on maryland, first we want toohead -o meteorologisttsteve fertig who is tracking earl here in our sky watch weather center. good morning, steve. good morning, patrice. the best thing ki tel can telu decreased in strength.earl has a cattgory iii. the ocean shore, where the most vulnerableebands will be. the rain starting to move into the ocean city areaaand the winds will be picking up some. we don'' thinkkit will be as strong as we earlier thought but iitwill be significant enough to ú%at is still tropicalwinds, storm-force winds. that is still significant -nough. as we watth it move furthhr
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north and east and away from us, it means a better sse scenario n it woull have been if it was %-tte center of the storm off of cape has rase..3 hatteras. we are waach the heaviest rain3 with gusts innthat part of the higher. %nd for us we will see the winds gets closer. we will have more coming up later this morning. right now let's seeewhht is happening on the roadwayy with lluren cooke. sse has the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ú% far o good on the roads. no probbems to report. we're loooing at high speeds onú many of our mmin lines as we check in ann take a live look at %-here is a shot nortt of the beltway, you caa seeecars are moving long the northbound and southbound lanes just. if you are traveling rom whhtemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you're lookkatha 4-minutt ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. all will remain clear as you arn 11-minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour.
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no problems to report on the west side, you're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour.ú that's the traffic edgg report. patrice, back to you. forecasters predicted hurricane earl would pass by ocean to tell us how the morring is shaping uppso ffrr we saw the wind blowing a little whiie ago, megan. >> reporter: gooddmorning,3 patrice. it really started a humid and over the past hour and evennfew minuues things ave significantly changed here in ocean city. the boardwalk ere up to 10 miles an hour upward of 15 at some points. ú%u can see the trees loongt ale %-raindrops falling on us sidews ú% this point. thoss are the major conddtions we're ffeling right now. as yoo hhard stevv say this storm issjust leaving sooth
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carolina right now. when it was there, there were sustained winds up to 110 miles per our. gusts at one point in hatteras reported at 167 miles an hour. thattii the ssorm that ii headed this way. how it's going to affect ocean city and all of us here is yet to be known. but for now, kind of a quiet start. city. we have seen a number of people walking out here this morning. they don't see a threat from earllthis morning. we will see as the morningg3 the eeergency response teams will be ready to earl wwecks -avoc on theeeastern shore. mima is warning travelers to avoid driving to ocean city -ntil 3:00 ttis afternoon. meanwhile o'malley declared a week. it gave state agencies theegoo3 ahead o start mobilizing in cause any problems ssould arise. earl''s powerful gusts and rains
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have tuunee thh outer banks of thh north carolina and are starting o be felt in southeastern virginiaa now they are waiting for -aybbeak to see how much daaage the storm windssand waves left behind. per hour was felt at the coast and the sustained winds of %-enough to make it rain sidewas banks. stay tuned for fox 45 morning nees for continuing coverageeof hurrrcane earl. ú% wiil haveea live report from north carolina. ú%aa is coming up in our 6:00 hour. fox 45 today for the latest we wiil hhve continuing livee3 coveraae from ocean city tonight on the news at 5530. three people are hurt after gunfireerips through southwest baltimore.ú it happened around 11:15 last3 night nearrlynch street on ú%vestigators say one of the victims was a 15 yyars old. he was taken to john hopkins.
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a secood victim, a 38 years old woman went to shock trauua for treatment. there's no information on thh idennity or ccndition of the ú%d person. no word onna suupect in theú inciient. -p an airport reopens after being evacuated and shutdown for hours after authhrities find %-checked bag.icious in a %-international aarportt saami officials say they found an unidentified threat in a passenger'ss ag. four of tte six airport terminaas were evacuated andd3 airport roadways were closed. the bomb squad was alss called in. the owner of the bag was taken questioned. -here's no word on whennthat airplane will reopen or what was an oil rig catches fireú sending 11 emberssinto the water 1000miles off of the louisiana coast. coasttguard says so far there's no signs of any ool spilling asú a result of the fire. all crew membees were rescued from the water.
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maryland energyy hich owns the platform says it doosn't know the cauue of the fire. ú%%-oil rig that led to the spil exploded killing 11 creww3 members. %-starting this mmrning, marylad the u.s. that have early votingú anyone can do it..3 several the states eleeted officials say they are planning to takk advantage of their chance tt go to the polls before primary day. governor martin o'malley and stephhnie rawlings-blake and ú%ijah cummings will all cast their ball mot ballots thhs mor. ú%r a complete list of all of the early vvting llcations in maryyand, log on to ou are watching fox 45 morning newss all llccl all morning./news links. stay with ox 45 to get the latest information on upcooingú. go to and click on the 2010 icon in the news
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features section. ♪ the last weekenddof theú maryland state fair is here, but there'' still plenty to do and to see and to prove ttat, jool d smmth is live inntimonium with some of thh ways to make the ú%ir unforgettable this year. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, -atriie. good morning, everybody.3 youuknow, think of a lifesaver. abouu this size, right? this is not somethinggto eat. this is omething that the lances will be going through up aa amateur jousting competition coming up tomorrow.ú pretty cool. in case you're not ready for that but you want to take on some jousting, maybe he green knighttcan tell us how to do ttat. ú% are going to have have a wii scenario set up. p> everybody can come and take %->> reporter: they wwll be taking the wii format joussing. ú%u do real format, as well.
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>> yes, we do. we do full contact jousting in fourrjoe's ever!!!!showw evvry . >> reporter: we have tiffany rrmseyy can you et a lance through thattthing? >> yes, you can. this is my lance here. >> reporterr i see it fit, but can you do that while on a3 horse. >> i ddn't think i have gone against something thaa smmll.3 i don't think i have gone againnt a quarter of an inch.ú >> reporter: this is the first time it's back in the fair after long time. reporter: tell us about >> it's at saturday evening at the national anthem andade and introduction of all of our jousterr and we willlssart with the beginner class. theenovice claas rrns a little people beginning startiig out. >> reporter: that s hereú ú%morrow. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you can check itt3 out, look at all of the sizeú rings they can goothrough and that one is really, really small. in is caw want to mee!! case yoe
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will be here aal throuuh the afternoon. >> let's hope they don't go do the jousting and come poke on us. -ou have to be riiht on get in that smaller one. that is amazing. >> reporterr somebody people eeeing that t might be tough. along and getting it on there. they get bigger as they go out >> i nned something like the size oo a asketball hoop. do they have that out there. >> reporter: we will ork onn3 that one for you. >> thanks, joel. the fox 45 crew will be at the fair yesterday starting t 3:00 in the afternoon. say hi and have a pictureetaken with members of the news team. so let knows wwo talk of3 love ♪73 >> one of the biggest attractions at this year's fair will be a conccrt featuring justin bieberr he will be perfooming live this sunday. the show is sold out and today we're giving away our last ppir
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%-stay tuned to fox 45 mooning news foo your chance to win. nd you can check out thee11 bess days of summer on uss youucan win a family 4 pack oo -ickees to the maryland state faii if you are the 100hh3 caller right now at (410)481-4545. %-means it's your turn to sound off on our face book page about anything you waat.let s know wd and your response could air on -ur facebook feeddack seement. to bece a fan. going inside hurricane earr. >> hief mmteorologiit vytus reid showss s hat it would be
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>>widz kids arkids are back in d you knoo what that means, the wednesdayyweather kid is back in session. have a priinipal, counselor send
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their nnmination to 2,041st to to foxbalttmoreecom. meteorologist steve ertig is here and he doesn't have a weather kid but he has a lot to hurricane earl issbringing us bands of rain toward the ocean city area. now we put things in motion to show you. it looks llke a lot of rain moving into the central part of the state. a lot of rain, but down tooard outer bands of hhrricane earl beginning to move in that direction. let's take a look to the south where the center of theestorm is off of cape hatteras. northeasterly og and that is good news because it's going to move into coolerrwater quicker. it's going to move further away from us. that doesn't mean as i was saying during the break that yo3 should relax. they are getting drenched with the heavy rain. we on the other hand will get some rain ut of it but not as
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much as if it stays to the northwest. you see a ot of bands. the storm should be. we expect it to be 175 miles these are omputer models as we lookkat what we have in terms of a tropical storm warning for watch has een expired since we that indicatts that thee3 northeast movement is going to decrease the strength with regard to here we are. 9-mile--n-hour winds is the best we can do at assaults bury which ú% -- salisbury which is the closest reporting site buttthe expect it to bb in te gusts also. as farras the rain an inchh.33, we are not expecting the rain to movv further inland. as ffr as the timing on thii, this morning into the early afternoon and then n the ocean city area it gives way to drier air.
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back to the wess it looosslike rain heading ii. a fronnal boundary is oing to weaken it. drier air, and itts going to feel pretty nice around here in the upper 70s to near 80 ffr the holidaa weekend..3 as far as hurricane eaal goee, i want to show you catergorr ii hurricane, 140-mile-an-hour winds, 127-mil!!-mile-an--our g. 227 miles southeast offthh ocean city. you can see it ttking the cape hatterrs area. nova scottia issgoing to be hit preety hard even though it's goinn to be a tropical storm wind. the winds and tte high surf is what we're concerned about. fiona not an iisue. moving out to sea. image and taking on gas that is moving as a tropical depression. that has time to streegthen before it moves closerrto mainland. we will be watching it. cooler to the west in the lowú 70s.
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we are expectinn temperatures to %-eastern shore. degrees in the rain gusting up to 50 iles per hour still possible. -he central part of the state,to they will give way to sunssine for he later afternoon in the -eetral part of the state. front approaching, but otherwii3 drier overnight. -5 degrees with partly cloudy skies and aa5-15-mile-an-hour wind. as for tomorrow, 78 degrees for the igh..3 80 on sunday with plenty of sunshine.ú 91 on tuesday, 81 and 85 on wednesday and thursday and to show you near 0 degrees aa the3 beach foorthe weekend. the llbor day weekeed loooing very nice once we get this hurricane out of here. patrice, we will end t back to you. >thank you, steve. you an track the storm online. get the latest on where hurricane earllissright now by goinn to foxbaltimore.commhurricane.3 and now for a look at thee3 -oaawaysslauren cooke has the
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>> reporter: thank you, patrice. approaching tte eastern shore and if you'reeheaded to the you want to wait unttl 3:00 this afternoon. %-officials are warning drivers. howard county youu ant to watch for a tree that has taag endownn ú-no proolems to report on the main lines. high 52 miles per hour at liberty road checking in and taking a live look. ú%report whatsoever, you're look at a an 11--inute ride along the outer loop lanes from 795 to 95. it will remain clear if you are traveling in the parkviileearea. harford road you are looking aa an 11-minute ride from 95 to 833 95 moving through whitemaash will remain clear.3 if you're using the tunnels, no probllms to reporttwhatsoever travelinggthrough the forttmack mmhenry tunnel, you're look
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cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs. >>right now hurricane earl is it's not the most powerful hurricane, but it can still pack quite a punch. chief meteorologist vytus reid got into experience the force the winds that are in a
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ú%tergory ii storm. he goes inside of the storm n today's cover story. >> a forcc of nnture, a force whooe strength is measured in speed. moss people see a hurricane fury but few people aatually ever feel it. welcome to college park, mmryland where the hheppof a wind tunnell engineers at the university of maryland are creating hhrrican-force winds, typically the tunnel tests thei3 effects on cars and ppanes. >> i got to put this harness to keep any anchored. >> never done..3 this is the first timee i have talked about hurricanes anddtropical storms but never had the opportunitt to come down hereeto the wind tuunel aad it's pretty amazing. to feel a hurricane force i strapped into tte wind unnel and braced for high winds. >> by the time you get to aroonn 100 miles an hour, aybe a littte more, the total force of >> the test begins and theo jury
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engines crank up. we're now going o 80 milee per hour which is a category 1 hurricane. this is the least powerful of all hurricaaes. a category 1 hurricane and you can hardlyyspeak or stand up. this is the same speed of hurricane frannis when it battered the east coast of florida killing 5 peoplee at 115 miles per hour the tunnel createe a category iii hurricane. i held s long as i could, then threwwin the towel, evennin theú wind tunnel engineers say it is far too dangerous. %-tte strengthhof a stronger3 storm. >> that was really intense. i'm holddng my -- >> theefeel of a category iii hurricane deals a serious blow. >> that does it. >> worried aaout the -- next on fox 45 morning news, the ravens reseason came to an end last niggt against the rams. why coach john
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good morning, everybody. hereeis the preseeson finnally fofinale forthe ravenn last nig. this isswas a night ffr the rookiessand thh back-ups to show that they deserve a spot in the3 man roster. sam brrdffrd, airs it down the side line for the rams. he makee a great addustment on the ball, and keeps both feet i3 forra gain of 3 36 yards. he hooks up with billy accordin3 to the end zone for the score. st. louis rams it down the ravens throat to core. kenneth dar!! darby takes he ph ú% gets forced down by nukki,
5:56 am
rams with a 14-point lead. second quarter, nol knolls trieo force in tween two defenders. 29 yards. show boating s he reaahes the sidd line. john arbaugh, notthappy with his linebacker after the td. look at im chhwing him. harbaugh calls the play priceless. and the david reid back to return a kick..3 bounce its outside, cuts back in. stiff arrs thh kicker and he is taken down to st. louis territory, 53 yards on the return. on the ensuing drive, look the catcc for a pick uu of 19 yards and the first down. with three seconds left before he gets hhs goal batted tteú
5:57 am
-iie. it looks like he is gging to go 97 yards for the score, but he runs it down. st. louis givee the avens theú troy smith inconsistent all night. 18-38. -37 yards. two intersections. the only big playyon defense, and the 50-yard returned to a david eid three catccers 61 yards. baak here at baltimore the orroles backed up their series with the red sox on win night. streak cooe to an eed. they were lloking to get back in -he w column.ú ú%and davv ferguson and the 26ún grabs a -0 lead. splits the oriole defense, throws the leff center.
5:58 am
red sox 5-00 o's down to 2. and matt wieters goes that. and nick markakis, luke scott on -ome on down. they tie on second, twent 2 out. the re 33
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hear all of these noises and you know what they aree these are houses and trees rhis thing and keep them safe.


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